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My Dog Has Broken A Nail. What Do I Do?

My Dog Has Broken A Nail. What Do I Do?

Dogs are playful by nature so it's not uncommon for them to have an accident and break a nail. But what do you do now? Today, our Palmyra Animal Clinic vets will offer advice on what to do if your dog has a broken nail.

Broken Nails in Dogs

Nail breaks are a common problem in dogs and they can happen for several different reasons. Some cases are serious and require medical attention right away. For example, if bleeding is excessive, or the nail is ripped below the surface or quickly. This is a painful injury and requires, in many cases, sedation and treatment.

If the nail is broken and is bleeding minimally, you can choose to treat the nail of home, using these tips:

  • If the broken part of the nail is still attached, carefully remove the broken piece using a sterile pet nail clipper.
  • If there is bleeding, cornstarch or flour can also work to control bleeding when applied to the nail.
  • Clean the area with a pet-safe antiseptic spray or wash.
  • Be gentle
  • Bandage the area and use medical tape to secure the wrap.

If you notice the nail continues to bleed, or you see swelling, contact our Palmyra vets today for an appointment.

Split Nails

Your dog's nails can also split when they are running around, this is very common. This issue seems to affect dogs the most during cold weather. Dry winter air and cold temperatures can damage your dog's overwise healthy nails.

To keep this from developing, we recommend regular grooming, with toenail trims and nail care at home. Or contact our Palmyra Animal Clinic vets today to assess the health of your dog’s nails. We can make recommendations to help strengthen, moisturize, and maintain them.

Dog boots or booties are also a great option for keeping your pet’s tootsies in great shape during the cold months.

Professional Nail Grooming

Long, untrimmed, and brittle nails can be painful and negatively affect your dog's overall health and well-being, They can also lead to a painful injury or trauma including broken nails.

To keep your pet’s paws at their best, regular grooming, even throughout the year, can prevent any problems related to skin, coat, and nail wellness.

If your dog has a broken or split nail, contact our Palmyra Animal Clinic vets today for an appointment.

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